Brad Brown Schools

(KY and Nationwide)


Brad Brown uses magic and comedy to engage students and teach life-lessons. His magic programs can include anything from escapes, to comedy magic, to skillful sleight of hand.
His programs are specifically designed to be easy for you to host and are flexible enough to revolve around your needs, whether you are looking for a character-building school assembly, or just wholesome, fun entertainment.

The Magic of Character

Brad’s character building school assembly program for elementary students teaches values like Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. He uses humor and magic to capture the students attention. He is then able to effectively teach the concepts of good character.

Reward Show

No message, just good clean fun. This program combines his side-splitting humor and mind-blowing magic. It has the audience laughing and actively participating in making the magic happen.

This program is ideal as a reward for the students, or when you just want them to have a good time.