Captain Escape

(TX and Nationwide)


Rich Landry via Captain Escape Ministries will make you laugh, make you smile, make you wonder and make you think. He can talk to all ages and has a heart for people that shines thru for Christ. He has taught in his local church for over 10 years and has been Ordained in the Gospel Ministry for Christ. He is easy to work with and believes that we should have fun no matter the task. In fact, Rich makes everything fun!

As for his escape ability, it is outstanding. Rich has studied the art of escape for over 10 years. He has mastered 6 World Class escapes, which include three of the Great Harry Houdini’s original escapes. He compliments another great US Escape Artist by perfecting the Chain Straight Jacket escape. In addition he has created two “Captain Escape” originals. The first is called the Boo Box. In this escape he is locked in a rectangular box with a glass window where you watch him escape from hand shackles locked with combination locks that are fresh from their packaging. He then turns and works a combination lock on the outside of the box by feel only…this escape truly highlights his perfection of the art. The second and one of the most mind-boggling is called the Cube. It is a 27″ glass cube where he is handcuffed, stuffed in the cube, then it is wrapped with 4 chains, all locked on the outside. He amazingly escapes in less than 3 minutes. It leaves people amazed and wondering, “How does he do it?” Finally, no challenge is too great as he often accepts challenges to escape from locks he has never seen. He is truly an Escape Professional.

Whether he is juggling, doing magic or escaping from one of his 6 World Class Escapes, you never forget that he loves people and wants everyone to know about Christ. Rich’s only regret is that he doesn’t have enough time to do all the things he loves. So if you are ready for a fun filled evening or week long camp, Captain Escape is ready to deliver. He will bring his crazy sense of humor, big escapes and his smile to make your event the perfect Christ-honoring occasion. But book quickly, because when he fills up – he is full.

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What people are saying:

“Captain Escape was a joy to have as an entertainer. We had nothing but positive feedback from all of our participants. He arrived early and was ready to go quickly. He kept everyone entertained from beginning to end. His Gospel presentation was great and I really felt he connected with the audience. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an entertainer.” ~ Karl Elliott, Paul Ann Baptist, San Angelo, TX

“Rich was great as always!! He is wonderful with the students and the adults. He is very interactive and earns the trust of the students which opens the door to minister to them. I would recommend his ministry to anyone and I do. His love for the Lord is very evident.” ~ Darla Keller, Big Country Baptist Assembly, Leuders, TX

“Captain Escape was great! He has an awesome way of presenting the Word to the preteens that leaves everyone wondering ‘how did he do that?’ Rich is right on target with his presentation, which points the way to Jesus. Definitely a blessing to our camp and preteens, we would recommend Rich Landry to anyone planning an event for preteens or youth.” ~ Sean Jackson, Heart of TX Baptist Encampment, Brownwood, TX