Clayton Poland School

(LA and Nationwide)

Elementary Shows

Nitro Readers

Nitro Readers is a high energy assembly that uses magic to jump-start a passion for reading in students of all ages which will encourage them to become lifelong learners. Nitro Readers will motivate students of all ages to read and grow their imagination. This assembly will help propel your students to reach their yearly reading goals.

Students will speed to the library to check out the books featured in Nitro Readers. Here are just a few of those books – The Cat in the Hat, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Pete the Cat, Where the Wild Things Are, and many more. Don’t miss this chance to bring Nitro Readers to your school!

The Big Idea Lab

Your students are about to embark on an adventure of discovery! Clayton paired his skills as a kid-friendly, comedy magician with his background as a civil engineer to develop the perfect assembly to help students discover the importance of math and science. Students need to learn, comprehend and embrace math and science to be successful in life.

The Big Idea Lab gives each student the confidence to pursue their dreams. Clayton shares how math and science sparked the big ideas he used to build some of his most favorite contraptions. Here are just a few of them; a Vacuum Cannon, an Air Cannon, a Ping Pong Ball Volcano, a Hover Board and many others. Each student will leave with the confidence to embark on their own adventure of discovery!

The iKids Show

The iKids Show is a high energy, interactive game show style assembly that uses interactive games to encourage your students before a busy week of testing, as a reward after their testing or to celebrate Spirit Week. We guarantee this assembly will be the highlight of your school year!

Christmas Around the World

Allow your students to take an interactive magical trip around the world to experience how other countries celebrate Christmas. In Christmas Around the World, through the arts of magic and story- telling, kids become interactive participants as we explore Christmas traditions in countries like; Australia, The United Kingdom, France, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Canada and of course the United States. Kids will understand, that for many kids around the world, Christmas is more than just presents. Your kids will love this Christmas celebration!

The Not So Scary Halloween Party

This Halloween party is packed with mystery, magic and must have Halloween safety tips. Kids will experience mysterious magic wands, laugh as the Great Pumpkin comes to life and floats around on the stage and much more. This entire assembly is completely Halloween themed. The children will learn important Halloween safety tips to help keep them safe on their night of fun. Contact us today to make The Not So Scary Halloween Party part of your school year.

Preschool Shows

Glow Readers

Glow is the perfect blend of reading and magic for preschoolers. We bring popular children’s books to life through the art of magic & illusion. Young readers are encouraged to learn to read and read with their parents. Glow will plant the seed within them to grow and glow!

We take a look at several popular children’s books such as: The Velveteen Rabbit, Charlotte’s Web, Pete, The Cat, Danny and the Dinosaur, The Rainbow Fish, No David! and many more. This is the perfect assembly to promote your book fair, reading incentive program or family night.

Sparks Lil’ Learners

Sparks Lil’ Learners is a magical blend of education and entertainment that keeps the kids on the edge of their carpet square. It is designed specifically for preschoolers. We discuss topics like sharing, friendship and guarding our words using the perfect mix of comedy, magic, balloons and storytelling. Your kiddos will love our magic coloring book! As a bonus, each child will receive their very own Sparks Lil’ Learner coloring page. Sparks Lil’ Learners is the perfect addition to your preschool day!

Clayton understands the dynamics of preschool and daycare facilities. He is certified as a Class “A” childcare director and has taught in childcare facilities for over 10 years. Clayton’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to entertain and educate while not overwhelming your preschoolers. You will love inviting Clayton to be a part of your day!