Clayton Poland Workshops

(LA and Nationwide)


Change – Change is a good thing

Most of us resist change in all areas of our lives. But change happens every day. Our ability to handle and deal with change, determines how successful we will be in life and ministry. In this fun, interactive presentation, Clayton will walk your team through the steps to successfully navigate change.

Exceeding Expectations – Give them what they want…your best

Average has become the status quo. Most people are not willing to give a task or assignment their very best. You can make your ministry stand out above the rest by Exceeding Expectations! Give your kids, leaders and families what they want…your very best! Clayton will motivate your team to strive for excellence and exceed expectations each and every service.

Stories – Secrets to telling a powerful story

Everone loves a good story. People may forget your point, but they will always remember a story you told. Stories have the power to make your messages come to life! Every leader needs to know the secrets to telling a powerful story. Since he was a child, Clayton has relied upon stories to help him make friends, get laughs and engage a crowd. This is one of Clayton’s most popular and requested workshops. Your team will not be disappointed.

Focus – Your focus determines your future

We all have hopes and dreams. Dreams of what we want to do with our lives. We want to do more than just simply exist. We want our life to have meaning, passion and purpose. Sadly, over 90% of people never achieve their dreams. Dreams don’t come true by themselves. We have to begin today if we want to see our dreams come true! In this inspiring and interactive presentation, Clayton gives you and your team a proven strategy with the power to turn your dreams into reality.

Mosaic – Creating a masterpiece out of life’s pieces

We all make mistakes. Everybody fails at some point in their life. We spend a lot of time telling people that they can be and do anything that they want to in life but we don’t help them understand how to properly handle failure. Successful people know their failures are the building blocks of their success! Failing does not make you a failure, quitting does! In this encouraging presentation, you and your team will understand how to turn your failures into a masterpiece.

The Rug – The junk that we are comfortable with that we never should have started

We all have junk in our life that we sweep under the rug. Everybody’s junk is different, but we all like to sweep our junk under the rug, ignore it and hope it goes away. Here’s the problem — when we sweep our junk under the rug, it never goes away! It may stay hidden for a time, but it eventually shows up. Our junk creates a stumbling block for success in our life and ministry. We need to fix the underlying problem. The Rug will help you and your team identify problem areas and give them a plan that will set them up for success.