Jagee Melton

(TX and Nationwide)


Kids and Family Events

Looking for a high-energy contemporary worship experience for your kids? Jagee provides an event that can include fun songs, games and audience participation as well as praise music. Jagee uses music to teach biblical truth and help kids express their hearts to Jesus.

Jagee specializes in leading worship and speaking at family events, mother/daughter events, camps and VBS. She also has a passion for leading worship and sharing her testimony at women’s events, retreats, luncheons and MOPS groups.


Rock This Boat – Stepping out in Faith

Rock This Boat is emphasizing the calling God places on all of us to seek Him first. When we have a desire to be close to Jesus over doing what’s popular or what we are comfortable with, amazing things happen. We rock the boat when we step out in faith to follow God. What is He calling you to do?

AMP (aka: All My Praise)

Jagee teaches kids and families that worship is more than music; God has called us to worship Him with every part of our lives. This event includes plenty of audience participation and exciting games for eager volunteers. AMP is great for family event


Mother-Daughter Events – (See more at www.forhiskidz.com/JageeWomen)

These events are a great opportunity to bring women and girls together to laugh, worship and grow closer to each other and the Lord. This event allows all the women in your congregation to enjoy something together.

Whatever (Modesty)
Designed for pre-teen girls

Have you ever said this to a friend, or…your mom? We use this word when we don’t want to hear something or when someone says something we don’t or can’t believe. Girls are invited to come to “The Whatever Zone” and discover that we need to hear and believe “WHATEVER” God wants to teach us about modesty from Philippians 4:8

Sweet Tart (Mean Girls)

“Mean Girl” behavior is everywhere. Comparison is at an all-time high with social media constantly raining down a false reality on our girls. Jealousy, comparison, insecurity, and selfishness are stirred together in our girls’ hearts causing a reaction that is harmful to themselves and others. The lies of Satan bring about these harmful and hurtful choices. Let’s work together to speak truth into our girls about their value in Christ.

Polish (Friendship)

This is an event created for mothers and daughters. “Polish” is all about relationships and the impact they can have on our lives positively and negatively. Special emphasis is placed on our relationship with Christ as the foundation. Mothers and daughters will come away refreshed and challenged to keep their relationship polished.

An engaging singer and performer, Jagee has obediently answered God’s call – touching hundreds of lives through her gift of music.

Call today or email us to learn how you can bring Jagee in for your next event!

What people are saying:

“Jagee was a pleasure to work with and did exceed our expectations as Chilcren’s Worship Leader for AIM Camp. Her interaction with the campers both during the worship time and at other times was excellent. The campers loved her and she really touched the hearts of the girls, drawing them to her. We would certainly recommend Jagee Melton to others as a Children’s Worship Leader.” ~ Charles Cole, Firm Baptist Area, Cameron, TX

“Jagee has a great personality that is enthusiastic and contagious. Our kids love her and she is a great leader who relates well to the kids in the audience. Her musical abilities are only outweighed by her love of Christ. But I think the thing that I love most about Jagee, it that she is real. ”

“Jagee is a Godly woman that you would want to come and share with the mothers and daughters of your church or organization. Take it from me, she’s awesome!”
Theresa Kannenberg, Children’s Worship Associate, Fielder Road Baptist Church