Jesse the Juggler Schools

(VA and Nationwide)


Life Skills

Jesse the Juggler uses his juggling skills to teach life skills in the elementary school. The three life skills he currently highlights in his juggling programs are cooperation, perseverance and problem-solving. Here are some examples of routines he would perform in order to illustrate each life-skill:

Cooperation – Jesse performs a hilarious trick where he recruits four adult males to make a “human table” out of them. And the end result is a lesson in cooperation. Each teacher must cooperate with the others in order to successfully pull off the human table.

Perseverance – This is where Jesse can put some fun juggling tricks into the show (and even some “how to juggle” lessons for kids). Perseverance is one of the biggest themes in learning how to juggle. You just have to keep dropping and picking up again and trying over and over again. The lesson is perseverance: if we keep pressing at our math homework (or anything else in life for that matter) and don’t give up, then we will find that we can accomplish it with a little patience and perseverance.

Problem-Solving – This life skill can be illustrated when Jesse tries to balance 8 white blocks (all stacked up) on his chin. With some help from a few kid volunteers, he will eventually figure out (like solving a puzzle) how to stack the blocks so that they all stay on his chin while he balances them. This teaches the lesson that some problems need to be attempted over and over again until we find the solution. The solution is there. We might need help from other people. And we might need to have a little trial and error. But we can eventually solve the problem so that our goal is accomplished.

There is much more to Jesse’s juggling program. He rides a unicycle, eats food while he juggles, plays the piano while he juggles, and you don’t want to miss the grand finale that involves machetes and a kid volunteer (nobody gets hurt).