Jesse the Juggler Workshops

(VA and Nationwide)


Bring Jesse in for a one time event, weekend or multi-day event and include a workshop or two for your ministry leaders and volunteers. Jesse shares how to use juggling to illustrate your messages and how to involve your kids in the action.

Juggling 101 – How to Juggle and Use it in Children’s Ministry

Join “Jesse the Juggler” as he gives you a hands-on opportunity to learn how to juggle three balls. Event the most uncoordinated people can learn how to juggle with a little practice and the right instructions, so there is no prior experience necessary. Juggling has a mesmerizing affect on kids, commanding their attention so that you can share Bible truths with them. With almost a decade of experience of using juggling in Children’s Ministry, Jesse will share with you simple ways to use juggling (even beginner-juggling) to teach about God’s Word to children.

Participative Bible Stunts – Using Kids in a Variety of Fun Stunts that Teach Biblical Truth

Come and learn some hilarious stunts that anyone can do! And then learn how to use these incredible tricks to illustrate God’s Truth to kids. Jesse the Juggler will show the simple methods behind such stunts as “The Human Table”, “The Airzooka”, and “The Impossible Paper Cut.” You will also learn how to balance a broom on your chin and then how to teach it to others. For the more daring folks, you can try your hand at the Diabolo and even ride around on Jesse’s unicycle.