Jesse Joyner

(VA and Nationwide)


Telling the story of Jesus through the sport of juggling

Jesse Joyner is a master juggler and a captivating storyteller. Having experience as a children’s pastor, he’s adept at teaching the Gospel in levels of understanding that are fun and memorable, albeit unusual. Jesse’s routines are engaging and often rely on audience participation and find relevant, meaningful ways for children (and adults) to learn about God’s kingdom and plan.

Jesse performs an astonishing program of superior juggling, balancing, illusions and comedy – all the while using his routines (and audience volunteers) to tell the story of Jesus Christ. He started in the professional entertainment arena at age 17 and has since performed his juggling all over the world – from Israel to Belize. He starred as Shaggy in the Scooby Doo show at Paramount’s King’s Island and he has made street performance appearances in Europe, New York City, and the Kentucky Renaissance Faire. While in college, he felt led by the Lord to use juggling not only as entertainment, but also as a creative instrument through which to preach and teach.

Jesse’s presentation is flexible enough to fit with most any setting. And there is very little set-up needed. His most common routine is a stage show that lasts between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the needs of the event.
This will include:

* Juggling Illusions
* Audience Participation
* The message of Christ woven throughout the routine
* Time for questions and answers with the audience
* Other things (such as prayer, altar calls, juggling lessons, etc.) can be worked out per event

School Assemblies

What people are saying:

“We and the churches of Texas attending our Preteen Camps love Jesse Joyner! Even though he has been to Highland Lakes Camp many times – he is always ‘fresh’ in presenting the Gospel to our children. The one thing which sets Jesse apart is his desire to provide continuity with the camp theme…He will also be creative in how he teaches our children the theme memory verse.”
~ Judy Sansom, Highland Lakes Camp, Spicewood, TX

“Jesse’s ability to communicate was amazing. He was funny, informative and fun. The kidds loved it, as did each volunteer and staff member…We have been doing the event that Jesse performed in for over 5 years, and in all honesty, Jesse was the best performer we have ever had.”
~ Mike Daknis, The Community Church, Ashburn, VA

“Jesse’s presentation met and exceeded our expectations. He wove the gospel message throughout his presentation, had wonderful rapport with the audience, involved various kids in his presentation, and kept the attention of all ages. Jesse was a pleasure to work with, very easy to accomodate, and we thoroughly enjoyed hosting him at our home. He is very personable and easy to get to know.”
~ Terry Allison, West Shore Evangelical, Mechanicsburg, PA