Lance Brown

(TX and Nationwide)


Painted Christ

Your youth can now experience creative worship like never before through artistic expression from colorblind artist Lance Brown. God has taken Lance’s misery and turned it into a ministry reaching thousands with paint!“


  • Striking Christian art on large canvases in under 10 minutes and you get to KEEP THE PAINTINGS!
  • Increase your attendance and reach more youth in your community with the hope of Christ
  • Present the gospel in a simple, yet uniquely different fashion
  • Create lasting memories with visual stimulation
  • Raise funds for your ministry, organization or charity
  • Inspire youth to use their talents for God when they encounter Christ in a personal way through art
  • Recharge your staff, students and youth
  • Multiply the effectiveness of your ministry



Overcoming the weakness of being a color-blind artist, creative inspiration, faith to never give up, dealing with wasted talent and finding your purpose in Christ



Lance is available for Worship Services, VBS, Sunday School, Conferences, Conventions, Concerts, Retreats, Staff Retreats, Student Events, Youth Camps, Upward Awards Programs, Family Events and More.



1 to 3 speed paintings, games, laughs and message, custom tailored to fit the timing of your event.

His show typically lasts 30-45 minutes and can be modified easily to be as short or as long as you’re needing.

Lance can paint anything and often collaborates directly with you to create a custom painting to fit the theme or topic of your event if needed.

He has multiple paintings to choose from and shares his testimony and biblical topics specially selected for your unique event.



One of the most rewarding and fulfilling thing for me is when a young person or a child want to get a picture of one of my Jesus paintings to display at home in their room. Knowing that I created something that will minister to them while giving them hope, comfort and encouragement blesses my heart like nothing else. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

“God uses my art to speak to His people very intimately and personally. Without me saying a word, God says it all through the visuals and moves in your life as the Holy Spirit touches your heart and soul in this creative worship.” ~Artist, Lance Brown

“When I paint, everything else goes away and I tend to lose myself in the moment of worship. There’s a very spiritual connection when I pick up the brush and from a blank canvas, I bring something from nothing into existence. I pray that God will continue to use me as a tool to share the love of Christ and bring joy and encouragement to all.” ~Artist, Lance Brown



Lance Brown began painting in 2001 and painted a picture of Jesus for the first time in 2009 for his church in Arlington, Texas. At that time in his life he had been praying for God to reveal his purpose in life. Little did he know at that time, this was God’s plan for his life. God had called Lance to spread the gospel with paint as a speed painter!

Over the next few years, his ministry, Painted Christ, steadily began to grow and his process of painting and visual story-telling had taken him all over the United States and across the world for international performances.

What People Are Saying:

“Lance Brown will both enthrall and surprise you and your audience. He shows the messy and work-in-progress reality of art in real time while leaving you on the edge of your seat as to what he is painting. The results are a very moving and memorable way to point people to Jesus Christ. His love for God, family, and art are evident when you meet him and watch what he does.” ~ Jesse Joyner, Jesse the Juggler Speaker/Entertainer

“Lance is an incredibly gifted artist and has a passion to reach others with a message of God’s love in a unique way. I’m inspired every time I see him in action! He’s always a crowd favorite.” ~ Keith Coast, Speaker/Entertainer

“Have you ever seen over 1,000 kids quiet and still? This is exactly what Lance did at our camp — he captivated the entire audience. They were on the edge of their seats through his entire performance and erupted with excitement as he revealed Jeses in his painting. Lance is an amazing artist and just as passionate to share his love of Jesus! Lance isn’t just a guy I’ve used for an event — he is a good friend of mine and I highly recommend you consider him for your future events — they’ll be talking about it for days!” ~ Larry Dan Melton, Fielder Church, Arlington, TX

“I highly recommend Lance Brown as a painter, artist, and a man of God. Lance performed at our summer kids camp for elementary age students, and the kids were in absolute awe of his work. He wows the audience in unexpected ways, using art to draw you into a message. After the performance, the kids couldn’t stop talking about how “cool” the painter was!” ~ Bethany David, Connect Church, Arlington, TX