Larry Dan Melton Workshops

(TX and Nationwide)


Creative Children’s Ministry

Are you stuck in a rut with your ministry? Maybe your creative juices are dried up or you are struggling with implementation. Regardless, the creative process is just like having kids. It can be the most rewarding as well as frustrating aspecit in ministry. It is challenging to take ideas from birth to maturity. Unfortunately, it seems like most of my ideas get stuck in the dirty diaper phase. Stinking up the house and requiring a lot of time and energy. This session will be a great opportunity to walk away with some fresh ideas for your ministry.


The Family Team

As a father of four boys, I don’t have to worry about competition in my house. It just wakes up! With the struggles facing today’s families; it is vital to develop a team mentality. I’ve observed my boys play sports and have wondered why they respond so quickly to their coach yet resist my intructions. This session is designed to help develop a partnership to equip and empower families to lead their kids spiritually.


Empowered Kids!

700 lunches made each day, check! 700 lunches handed out to inner city kids, check! 80 kids at VBS, check! 21 kids accepted Christ, check! This was not an adult or student ministry mission trip. All of this and more was completed by 6th graders. Learn how you can empower your kids to make a difference today.