Larry Dan Melton

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Challenging Boys to Know Christ and Live Courageous Lives

Looking for a special experience for the boys in your ministry? Larry Dan Melton uses real-life experiences and biblical truth to challenge the audience to grow and draw near to Jesus. He uses games, illustrations, videos, and other visual media to accompany his sessions. Depending on the agreed format, he can speak in breakouts or general sessions to accomplish your purpose for the event.

Larry Dan Melton has been the children’s pastor at Fielder Church since February 2004 and served as an associate in the children and recreation ministry since 2000. He served as a student pastor in Amarillo, Texas for four years prior to Fielder. His greatest title in life has been husband and father. His Ministry Philosophy: “It is my passion to empower kids to lead today! I want to see kids come to know Christ and grow in their relationship with him and to share Jesus with the world.” He will be a general session speaker and break out leader and will be sharing his passion to reach beyond the walls of the church!

Having 4 sons of his own, Larry Dan has a passion for ministry to boys and a strong desire to partner with you for a successful event. He will work with the host in advance to focus the event according to age group of children/adults.

Whatever, it’s just 1 degree! (Integrity)

Imagine if this generation of boys said, “Enough!” Imagine if they decided to live courageous lives — lives worthy to be followed. A life their friends, family, and one day their children would follow. Yet this generation of boys is faced with many decisions. They are confronted with a NOW generation. They get their music, videos, communication NOW. They also believe success is defined by fame and fortune. Imagine if they would focus on leaving a legacy not an inheritance. What would this world look like?

So as a father of four boys, Larry Dan realizes the importance of helping his sons make wise choices. It is his desire to partner with local churches to impact both fathers and sons to realize they are difference makers! This can be one night or a weekend experience for preteens only or with their dads. It is packed full of fun and interactive object lessons designed in a way that boys can learn how they can make a difference today!

Available for boys’ events, father/son events and more. Call today to book him for your event.

What people are saying:

“Larry Dan Melton, a nationally respected children’s minister, brings an intuitive perspective, practical answers, and a bigger picture insight for parents and leaders alike.” ~ Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D., Executive Director & CEO, Randall House & D6 Family Ministries

“Larry Dan is a delight to work with. We especially appreciate his desire to develop his messages around the event theme or special emphasis. Because of his daily connection with families and children, Larry Dan really understands the challenges they are facing and does a great job of sharing God’s love and the message of salvation. We’ll definitely be asking him to return in the future.” ~ Judy Sansom, Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center, Spicewood, TX

“Larry Dan spoke to our student body and captured the attention and hearts of our students. His hands on and visual approaches of teaching character taught our youth about living with purpose and integrity. These lessons greatly impacted our student body. The lesson of, Off By One Degree, is thought provoking and critical for students to consider how small choices can affect their overall life destinations. This message is much needed in our society today.” ~ Shauna Moore – Assistant Principal, Newman Academy

Workshops and Training

Larry Dan and Jagee Melton