Larry Dan and Jagee Melton

(TX and Nationwide)


Reaching Kids and Impacting Families for Christ

Looking for a special family experience? Larry Dan and Jagee Melton teach and lead worship with your group. They use real-life experiences and biblical truth to challenge the audience to grow and draw near to Jesus. They use games, illustrations, videos, and other visual media to accompany their sessions. Depending on the agreed format, they can speak in breakouts or general sessions to accomplish your purpose for the event.

Having 4 sons and a daughter of their own, Jagee and Larry Dan have a passion for ministry to families and a strong desire to partner with you for a successful event. They will work with the host in advance to focus the event according to age group of children/adults.

Mother/Daughter, Father/Son events

Larry Dan and Jagee Melton partner to present a program geared to pre-teens and their parents. This event can be held on a Saturday morning or an evening. It is designed to address the issues that our preteens face in this generation of “I want it now!” Our kids are faced with choices that can change their lives and we need to make sure they are prepared to make the right choices.

Whatever, it’s just 1 degree! (Integrity) — Imagine if this generation of boys said, “Enough!” Imagine if they decided to live courageous lives — lives worthy to be followed. This event is for preteen boys and their dads. It is packed full of fun and interactive object lessons designed in a way that boys can learn how they can make a difference today! Larry Dan as a father of four boys realizes the importance of helping his sons make wise choices. It is his desire to partner with local churches to impact both fathers and sons to realize they are difference makers!

“Whatever” (Modesty) — Have you ever said this to a friend, or…your mom? We use this word when we don’t want to hear something or when someone says something we can’t believe. Come dive in and discover that we need to hear and believe “WHATEVER” God wants to teach us about modesty from Philippians 4:8. Jagee will share her personal testimony as well as scriptures to show and teach the girls about why it’s important to dress and act modestly. We will also celebrate Jesus’ pure love and purpose for us.

Everyone meets for worship and a closing challenge. In between there are breakout sessions for Mother/Daughters and Father/Sons or this event can be designed to include a time for parents to discuss these topics or a time with staff. And if you have an idea for an event with them that is different from this option and can include younger elementary kids, call us to discuss the possibilities!

Family Camps and Retreats

Larry Dan and Jagee love to minister together at family camps. Jagee provides the worship and Larry Dan serves as camp pastor. And with 5 children of their own, they can definitely relate to the families attending the camp!

Other Options

If you have an idea for an event with them that is different from these options and can include younger elementary kids, call us to discuss the possibilities!

What people are saying:

“Jagee and Larry Dan Melton have worked with us on a number of projects, from camps to a weekend event focused on modesty. They are both excellent communicators with a heart for steering children toward godliness. From the energetic, high involvement praise and worship to the clear “kid friendly” message, their ministry hits the mark. They have my highest recommendation.”
~ Dr. Jim Turnbo, Bowie Baptist Association, Texarkana, TX