Press Start

(LA and Nationwide)


A Magical Game Experience

Are you looking for an exciting event for your church? Do you wish there was something new and relevant for kids and families today? Well wait no further! Clayton Poland is proud to present Press Start!

Press Start is a magical game experience that combines modern technology, audience participation and live on-stage physical challenges. During Press Start, the audience will work together as one team to complete a series of levels. Some of the levels are single player. Some are multi-player. Some are all players. And there are even a few magical bonus levels! The score from each level will be combined into a cumulative score which will allow the entire group a chance to set a new high score for Press Start.

Each level is fast paced, high energy and interative. The levels start out relatively easy and become more challenging as the event goes on.

Here are just a few examples:

* Punch Out takes a classic kid’s toy that everyone has used and turns it into a hilarious and fun interactive gamel.

* In Air Head, speed is key! Gamers will rush to inflate a giant Power Pellet.

* Hero, Villain, Princess gets everyone involved! In this epic showdown, gamers must quickly choose either the Hero, the Villain or the Princess crowning one gamer as the Press Start Champion.

* Press Start’s final level is The Castle. The Castle features gamers racing to retrieve Power Pellets as they are blasted throughout the room.


Press Start will do two things for your event:

1. Present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear and compelling manner! Unbelievers will be encouraged to Press Start on the most important decision of their life – to begin a realtionship with Jesus Christ.

2. Motivate believers to take action! Believers will understand that God has given everyone a gift or talent. He is waiting on us to Press Start on these gifts to impact the Kingdom.

Press Start typically runs 75 minutes but can be tailored to fit your timeframe. It is perfect for any size group or venue. We are constantly adding new levels, making each Press Start experience unique!

Will your group achieve a new high score? Will your group be immortalized in Press Start history? The only way to know is to Press Start!

Call 866-774-7469 today to make Press Start a part of your next event!

What people are saying:

“Clayton was great, he was perfect for our event! We wanted a Gospel-centered, whole family fan experience; He delivered! He was so easy to work with, we knew he was genuine! Anytime the Gospel is presented in a clear and creative way, God’s spirit is faithful. It’s encouraging to have a fellow Children’s Pastor leading an event like this, like-minded ministry is always refreshing!” ~ Courtney Ingram, Emmaus Baptist, Oklahoma City, OK

“We thoroughly enjoyed Clayton’s “Press Start” presentation as it involved many participants, and engaged people of all ages. Clayton is very good at relating and interacting with all ages, and his stories and format are very relevant for today’s kids and youth…Clayton is super creative in his presentation, and you can truly see his heart to minister to all ages.” ~ Juli Luckett, Grace Assembly of God, Bel Air, MD