Ronnie Caldwell Workshops

(TN and Nationwide)


Creative Song Services

Music is vital to effective children’s ministry. Today, children’s taste in music is maturing early which demands dynamic song services. We will explore many fun ways to capture the attention of your children’s church class!

You’ll learn how to:

Energize your praise services with the childrenStay out of ruts when choosing your songsLead the children into meaningful worship

Costume Characters and Skits

Skits and costume characters appeal to the imaginations of kids of all ages. We’ll discuss various ways to use characters to enhance your classtime and demonstrate how to use skits to bring your lesson to life!

You’ll learn:

How to use costumes to “paint” a picture that will illustrate your themeThe rules to use when working with costumesHow to develop creative & fun characters

Objects That Teach!

Using objects to “illustrate” your lesson will help you keep the attention of the children and will help them understand and retain what they’ve learned. We’ll give you lots of ideas and applications that you can take home today!

You’ll learn:

How to use everyday things to breathe life into your lesson.Creative thinking when planning your service.Attention grabbing ideas!

Staying Out of Routine Ruts!

Keep the attention of your children from week to week. Simple changes in presentation will keep their focus on you and will help the children learn to apply the principles in their everyday lives! This session will give you tons of ideas from your opening prayer to the closing prayer of a children’s service.

You will learn:

How to create powerful praise services.Challenging memory verse games!How to use puppets and object lessons the kids will remember!

Creating a Great Sermon for Kids

From start to finish, learn to plan a service that meets the needs of the children you minister week after week. Today’s kids are facing tough issues that your curriculum may not cover. Construct a lesson that shows the kids how they can apply what they learned in their everyday life!

You’ll learn:

Where to get ideas.How to plan around a theme.How to include interesting people from your congregation.

Helping Kids Know and Experience God

As teachers you want to be fulfilled in your calling and help your class know God and the Bible more each day. The kids that you teach desire to see and experience God in a more powerful way.

You’ll learn:

How to inspire yourself and your kids to walk with God.How to teach kids to pray effectively.How to experience God in your classroom.