Steve Winger Schools

(TX and Nationwide)


Steve’s public school shows are fun, interactive and loaded with positive life lessons the students will be able to hold on to and use. Juggling and circus arts are used to teach perseverance, responsibility, the danger of drugs and the rewards of reading.

Red Ribbon Week

Kids will be challenged to stay off drugs and stay in school. From getting every kid out of a game of Simon says in 60 seconds to juggling giant trash bags or razor sharp machetes, Steve’s show stresses the danger of drugs and alcohol and the rewards of staying away from them. This show lasts 45 minutes and can be combined with juggling classes throughout the school day.

Character Counts

Kids will be challenged to do their part to make their school, home and community a better place by being a person of character. Students will get involved as one lets Steve juggle raw eggs over them and another gets to spin seven spinning plates at one time. They will learn the importance of being trustworthy, honest and caring. And they will be challenged to choose friends who have the character they want to display – following the motto, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” This show lasts 45 minutes and can be combined with juggling classes throughout the school day.

Reading Reward programs

Steve shares the importance of reading and how it makes all the difference in the student’s development, growth and vocational goals. With fun, interactive illustrations, the show stresses making reading one of the most important things in your life so you can rise to the top of any mountain you may face. From reading a book while juggling to solving the Rubix cube while juggling, Steve stresses the amazing doors that reading can open.

Juggling Classes

Steve uses juggling to teach the students about the rewards of perserverance. Not all students will become expert jugglers in this 45 minute class, but they will receive the necessary instructions and hands on practice to grasp the concept of juggling and achieve small goals. As in life, this foundation coupled with perserverance brings about measurable rewards!