Steve Winger Workshops

(TX and Nationwide)


Juggling classes:

A fun way to take Steve’s message and make it a hands-on learning experience is to participate in a juggling class. Many schools, camps, VBS’s and church groups of all ages have taken advantage of this fun opportunity. The necessary equipment will be provided for your group to use or to purchase. When scheduling your event don’t forget to ask about hosting a juggling class before or after Steve’s show.

Church Group Classes:

Steve uses his juggling class to illustrate the importance of discipleship. While the group is having fun learning how to juggle, they are also learning the importance of a teacher, trainer and coach. Just as you wouldn’t expect someone to learn to juggle without the help of a coach; we can’t expect to know how to live the Christian life without the aid of a spiritual coach. The group will be callenged to find a spiritual coach to help them grow in their walk with God.

Mission Team Training:

Steve has used juggling to help share the gospel on numerous mission trips. There are several basic tricks and routines that can be learned and used to better equip your team to minister cross-culturally. Juggling has a universal appeal and can be used anywhere to draw people to Christ. Steve will come and teach your team to juggle and do balloon animals in a fun and informative teaching session.

Motivation in Motion:

Adaptable to many settings, this highly visual motavational message encourages everyone to make the most important things the most important thing.

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