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We offer workshops and training on a number of topics for ministry leaders, staff and/or parents. Consider hosting a weekend event that includes training as well as special programs for kids, families or your entire church body. If you prefer training only, please combine two or more topics for a half day or full day seminar.


    Jesse Joyner

    Telling the story of Jesus through the sport of juggling. Jesse Joyner is a master juggler and a captivating storyteller. Having experience as a children's pastor, he's adept at teaching the Gospel in levels of understanding that are fun and memorable, albeit unusual.

    Ronnie Caldwell

    In ministry since 1979, Ronnie has been noted as one of the “Top 10” Children’s Ministers in the United States. He has received the “Children’s Minister of the Year” award from Willie George Ministries and he created and hosted a children’s television program.

    Steve Winger

    Steve Winger has been juggling for Jesus since 1984 when he was asked to share the story of the Prodigal Son creatively with fellow college students. He told the story while using juggling to illustrate the words he spoke.

    Clayton Poland

    Clayton is a talented evangelist, speaker and entertainer who travels nationally and internationally bringing the Bible to life for this generation. He uses a unique interactive blend of comedy, story-telling, science and illusions.

    Captain Escape

    Captain Escapes Illusions are designed to present the Word of God in a simple, fun manner for kids of all ages to hear. Rich uses comedy, illusions, big escapes and a funny unique twist on Apologetics (defending Christian faith) to help kids and adults understand that God is real and He wants a relationship with each of us.

    Bombin The Clown

    Bombín the clown (pronounced Bom-bean) is the perfect guest speaker for any event. Bombín presents the gospel in a unique way, the clown way. By a way of comedy, tricks, juggling, etc; he shares the life changing word of God. HIs programs can be adjusted to almost any setting. Bombín can present his program in English, Spanish or even both!

    Larry Dan Melton

    Looking for a special experience for the boys in your ministry? Larry Dan Melton uses real-life experiences and biblical truth to challenge the audience to grow and draw near to Jesus. He uses games, illustrations, videos, and other visual media to accompany his sessions.

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